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People often feel unbalanced and overwhelmed with what is going on in life. No one taught us life would be like this when we were younger!  


We’ve studied what causes people to feel overwhelmed and what stops them from progressing in their careers and we have found that unless you feel stable inside, it is very difficult to perform well outside. 


 Welcome to the Stability Anchor and the

5 internal forces of stability.

The Human Alarm Clock

the place where you literally wake up and take charge!

What is The Human Alarm Clock?

The Human Alarm Clock is simply a system that keeps waking you up, so that you are focused on what you want to do and deliver on it.  


There are various tools that we use to help you stabilise and recalibrate, so that even in difficult times, you have the support you need to pull through.




If we are worried about money, then we are automatically in survival mode. It is difficult to concentrate on getting out of the tight financial situation, when we are constantly thinking about paying off the next loan instalment or living for next month’s salary. When we have our finances in control, we breathe easier and have the time/mind-space to consider other things.


If someone in our family is not well, or we have an argument with someone we care about, we are thrown off-balance.  Whilst we may not want to think about it, it invariably keeps coming up, eating into the time we should have to concentrate on other areas of our lives.


Whether it is one person, or a battalion, we all need good friends. Good friends are there for you in difficult times.  They can help you see rationally and give a different perspective to family.  They also function as your safety net, just like you are there for them.  Without good friends, there is often an element missing in your life.  Family are great, and friends just give you that extra sounding board and glue when you need it.


Your physical home is super-important.  If you are not happy with the physical space that you operate in (whether your home or your workplace – remember you spend as many sentient hours in both of them), it is difficult to relax, think and grow.  


Your physical and your mental health are equally important.  We all know what it is like if there is something troubling you and the doctor can not figure out what it is or when you are constantly trying to lose weight, bulk up or exercise.  Your mind-space is taken up again and you can not function so effectively.  Finally your mental space tends to be impacted by all of these areas, plus other matters that hit you everyday.

Once you find your internal stability, then we can get to work on what impacts you want to make externally – be it career, future or freedom.




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The skills you need to develop to grow in your profession and how you will build habits to enrich these.

The skills you need to develop to grow in your profession and how you will build habits to enrich these.


The skills you need to develop to grow in your profession and who you need to nurture too. 


How you learn what is needed to adapt to situations that you find yourself in. Understand the patterns that come up and how evolve to overcome whatever is put in your way.

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What many of us do not realise is that internally, we have 5 major areas that need stability.  


If any one of these is out of sync or worrying us, it is easy for us to feel overwhelmed or off-balance.  


When these 5 are in sync or stable, we have the bandwidth and mind-space to concentrate on our own personal growth.  When even one is out, then everything else gets thrown off-course. 


 We teach you to work on yourself first and bring stability in.


Shola Carletti, Italian Artist

Vandana’s coaching has been crucial for my career. She gave me a totally different perspective on how to look at goals. With a pragmatic yet dreaming way. I immediately got results and I am still processing all the input she gave me. I would recommend every professional to have her guidance. 


Harshad Bhagwat

Founder and CEO, WordsMaya

Vandana has been an exceptional mentor to my startup, WordsMaya. We first got together during the TiE Pune Nurture mentoring program. At the time, WordsMaya had just started seeing growing revenues. She quickly understood the prime needs of the startup at that time and decided to focus on the sales strategy. Through a series of mentoring sessions during the six months of mentoring program, she helped us improve our sales strategy, sales process and customer segmentation. The examples she used to give from her own experience were the most illuminating part of the sessions. An hour-long mentoring session used to give us enough food for thought for a whole month. As a mentor, she is a patient listener but at the same time quick to point out flaws in our thought process.


Pooja Kumar,

CEO, SME Networks Pvt Ltd

Vandana Saxena Poria was the moderator of the event organized by  SME Networks, “How digital marketing helps to scale up business” on 1st June in Pune. Vandana herself has been a businesswoman and understands the pain points of entrepreneurs very well. She very well articulated the panel discussion keeping in mind the relevance to the audience which comprised of entrepreneurs wanting to know more about digital marketing.

Vandana with her excellent communication skills, sensitivity and intelligence was able to produce a knowledgeable session for the audience.


Jasper Fortuin,

Sourcing Manager


Royal KPN NV

Vandana conducted two  talks for us and she addressed the crowd with her  vision about the power of networking. She laced the story with a lot of personal missteps and success stories and I can truly rank this talk as one of the most successful ones. It made a difference for the folks on the floor, they enjoyed it a lot. I would strongly recommend Vandana in conducting inspirational sessions. 


CA. Parag Kulkarni,

Founder - Ind AS Lab


Vandana, the lady who makes things happen! She is not just a tutor of ICAEW for me but a mentor, a guide and a philosopher. I was associated with her since last couple of years for ICAEW course. Her beauty lies in devotion, working smart is her tradition, GTG (her enterprise) is educational innovation and what her clients experience is a transformation! Whether it is her recent TED talk on Soul to Soul or Porter's Analysis on ICAEW cases, it all depicts traits of a thought leader! Every conversation I have with her is a "Transpiring" experience. She is the one who really makes the difference! I strongly recommend her services to corporates for overall skill development of "Manager employee tier". And yet I believe, I have yet to experience her true potential!

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