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At the root of any problem lies the opportunity to find its solution.

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

At the root of any problem lies the opportunity to find its solution. Whoever finds the solution to spreading education freely in a way where everyone benefits, will release true value in this world.

Robin Hood is a character we invariably grew up on. We even admired how he could do something illegal, yet grudgingly we respected him. Yet ironically, in the modern world of today, we have the opportunity to catalyse the growth of this country exponentially using his concept. Except it is not illegal. And corruption can’t meddle with it either.

Robin Hood’s aim worked because gold and jewels were the most precious commodity of that time. And he stole from the rich, to give to the poor so the poor could become better off. The rich did not feel the pinch so much perhaps as they had more. But today, we have a new currency that could be freely shared without the threat of – we have just not worked out how to commoditise it.

What if you, with the knowledge, would sharethat knowledge with someone who needs it, without expecting anything in return? Because you believed in the greater good? That’s tantamount to Robin’s rich victims agreeing to share their wealth with others, so Robin does not need to steal from them anymore. So if knowledge is wealth and that wealth can be freely shared, who benefits? We all do.

Let’s create the IKR – the Indian Knowledge Rupee. You agree to give some 1 IKR to each person who teaches you something you can use to improve your life. They might have done this knowingly or not intentionally – it doesn’t matter. In return they can pass on the 1 IKR to someone else who has helped them. This way, the idea is always to have a neutral balance, but to give and to get as much as possible. So you will never end up being a IKR billionaire, but you can be happy in the knowledge that depending on your debit/credit balance, you are making a difference to each other’s lives.

Link it to facebook, linked in, twitter and any other sites where you find you get some information that can help you. And at the same time, always make sure you are trying to give away your knowledge too so that you can be neutral in your overall balance.

Hindu philosophy has always said that knowledge is the greatest gift. We just never worked out how to give and get it so freely. So long live the latest currency – the IKR!

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