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Vandana Saxenna Poria Econ

Economia - Xenia Taliotis

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Growing in a way that benefits everyone

7th March, 2019

"In every aspect of her career, Vandana Saxena Poria OBE has focused on helping others to be the best they can be. She tells Xenia Taliotis about her dream for a more connected world where growth benefits everyone."

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The Hindu Business Line

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Shared parental leave is win-win but are companies and, importantly, co-workers ready for it?

29th January, 2016

"Announcing a pregnancy to a boss is not something most women in the corporate workplace look forward to. They are worried about how their boss will react. She walked up to him and said, ‘I have something to tell you.’ He asked her what it was. She said, ‘I’m pregnant.’ His first reaction? ‘Oh shit.’"


Grant Thorton


Thoughts from Vandana Saxena Poria

1st March, 2019

Self-described disruptive thinker, memetic engineer and talent ecosystem enricher Vandana Saxena Poria OBE FCA gives her perspective on how true business inclusivity can be achieved, both in India and across the globe.

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The Telegraph Online

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From London with Love

7th September, 2008

"Vandana Saxena Poria became the belle of the ball when she spoke at the UK India Business Council’s first anniversary summit in London last week and disclosed that she employs 50-60 staff, “70 per cent of them women”, at Get Through Guides."


The Tanishka Foundation


More women must rise to the top

26th April, 2019

Get Through Guides CEO Vandana Saxena Poria tells Tania Roy that the right kind of education and mentoring can help make successful entrepreneurs

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Indian women weigh in on India's ME TOO movement

14th October, 2018

"I've been told by female friends about myself, 'Don't wear that - it is too revealing; wear a dupatta; don't smile so much, you are encouraging them; don't be so friendly;don't talk about your wide range of interests; don't wear eye make up - it makes your eyes look bigger and they get turned on. I have to change the way I look and talk, is this fair?"

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