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Balance at work and life at home!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

WORK-LIFE BALANCE: This phrase is so great for accountants! We spend our lives balancing the books of companies and yet we are often not present to how much our personal life is unbalanced. And then we get caught into feelings of stress, guilt and irritability. This then goes into a vicious circle as we continue to balance everything for our clients, but keep juggling for ourselves.

So how do we get out of this vicious circle? The best way is to be clear about what you are COMMITTED to. What are the things that are NON NEGOTIABLE in your life? And if you did them regularly, you would feel more balanced? For example, for me, spending time with my kids, keeping fit and seeing my close friends are 3 important activities, which I know help me keep balanced. So I ensure that I do all of these every week IN INTEGRITY. With my kids, I have a schedule with them, so they know that even though I work, they can choose periods of the evenings, mornings and weekends that am only with them, doing what they want me to do, as opposed what I want them to do. Some weeks when it is not possible, because of late nights at work, or travelling, I make up for it by spending more time with them the following week.

Exercise is something I ensure I do at least 4 times a week, always first thing in the morning. If I leave it to the evening, I know it will never happen! So I insist to myself that I must get up for a run, yoga or some other activity which I will do for 45 mins. Remember, in your old(er) age, your health is all you will have, so don’t squander it now, thinking you will be able to exercise next week, or the week after or something BECAUSE IT WON’T HAPPEN!!!

And finally friends. I make it a point to catch up with someone at least once a week. It may be for a coffee or for dinner, or possibly with the kids at the weekend. But it must happen otherwise I feel out of sync.

The key to doing it? Put it in your calendar, set alarms and ask others to remind you to do it. We are not superwomen. We do not have to do everything alone. People, technology and other tools are there to assist us in regaining our balance.

So take it on – find out what is important to you.

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